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Four Important Factors
 - Fabric   Marching band uniform fabric options include 100% wool, wool blend, and different weights of textured polyester.   A wide variety of specialty fabrics may be used to create features on your uniform design.   These fabric choices will affect your uniform price.

 - Design    Design and the elements used in the uniform can involve a multitude of cutting and sewing operations.  The addition of capes, gauntlets, sashes, etc. may be used to compliment the uniform. These design features and items are factors in determining your uniform price.

 - Quantity   Setting up the factory to create your uniform requires adjusting machine tensions and thread color changes among other pattern and fabric preparations.  The cost involved are amortized into the quantity purchased.  Additional discounts are sometimes available for larger quantities.  Generally speaking, the quantity purchased will make a difference in your uniform price.

 - Construction    You will decide the type of construction you will use for your band uniform.  Additionally, you will be given options for the features you would like to add.
The construction you choose to best meet your needs will contribute to your band uniform price.

At any time during the design process, we can project a “Cost Estimation”.  This estimate can be provided to you as you plan your budget or budget request.  Obviously, the more choices we have made towards your final design, the more accurate the estimation will be.

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