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How do we know what sizes we will need . . .

When ascertaining the sizes and the quantity of marching band uniforms you will need it will be important to project the current needs as well as the anticipated growth of your program.  Although there is no “Crystal Ball” that you can view to be sure you will always have the right sizes for every student, there are historical projections and formulas that can be applied to your situation to help you with your “educated guess”. 

Logic dictates that fifty students this year will never be the same size as fifty students four years down the road.  Therefore, we need to have a range of sizes to draw from  for best fits year to year.

When considering the quantity of marching band uniforms you will need, it is wise to consider the following factors:
 - What is the largest size your group has been in the last four years;
- What is the attrition rate for incoming “Freshmen” until they are Seniors;
- Are there changes in your “feeder” band programs that would lead you to believe there will be additional growth
- Are there new schools planned in your area that will feed your marching band program or take away from your program;
- And, the all important budget that you must work within.

Add an ideal goal of 30% additional uniforms to be prepared for the range of sizes you will need (the minimum additional quantity would be 20%).

An often asked question is “Can we add more uniforms at a later date?” The answer is “Yes”, however, you must consider that the cost of uniforms will likely increase and purchases in smaller quantities is almost always a premium price. 

Now that we have a quantity established, we must find what sizes you will need.  Again, we want to look at some data that will be germane to your situation:
- Are the smallest band uniforms in your current inventory rarely used;
- Are you continually needing larger sizes;
- Do you find your current inventory is short of the most common sizes;
- Do you have a historical ratio of male/female students;
- Are the incoming students requiring larger sizes.

Measuring all your existing students is a fair method of obtaining a starting point.  We can also establish the needed information by obtaining information from your recent uniform issues.  Most important in either process is to achieve three different levels:
- What is the smallest size range you are using;
- What is the larges size range you are using;
- What is the most popular size range you are using.

With this information we can now create a graph that will show a steep increase from your smallest range to your most used range and a slow decrease from the most used range to the largest needed sizes. 

A sample chart can be sent to assist you in this process.

Your Ictus Limited consultant will be able to assist you greatly in achieving the final list of sizes you will order.

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